Weaver Popcorn Bulk, LLC. (“Weaver”) is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, or any other legally-protected status, unless such status constitutes a bona fide occupational qualification. Weaver will comply with its legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities and for religious beliefs.
Personal Information (Step 1 of 5)

Employment Information (Step 2 of 5)

Starting with your present or most recent employer, list in consecutive order all your employment experience, including part-time or temporary employment. Do not omit any experience. RESUMES MAY BE SUBMITTED BUT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IN PLACE OF THE INFORMATION REQUESTED BELOW.


Education Information (Step 3 of 5)

Applicant's Statement (Step 4 of 5) (Please indicate that you have read and understand each paragraph of the Applicant’s Statement by checking beside each paragraph.)
I completed this application and the accompanying criminal history addendum and confirm all information inthem is TRUE and COMPLETE to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false, misleading, or omitted informationmay result in the rejection of my application, the revocation of an offer of employment, or discharge.
I authorize investigation of all statements in this application to arrive at my employment decision. I understandthat an investigation may be made and information may be obtained through interviews with personal references and pastemployers, a credit check, a criminal history check and/or a driver’s record check. This inquiry may include information asto, among other things, my character, general reputation and personal characteristics, as well as information about mywork performance and workplace conduct. I consent to the investigation and to the consideration of any statements ofreferences, former employers, or others that are given in response to the inquiry.
I hereby release all parties, including but not limited to Weaver, personal references and previous employersfrom liability for any injury or damage that may result from their furnishing information concerning me or any actionWeaver takes on the basis of such information.
I understand that if I am offered a job as a condition of beginning my employment, I may be required toundergo a physical examination and drug screen.
I understand that I must be able, with or without reasonable accommodation, to perform all of the essentialfunctions of any job or position to which I may be assigned by Weaver and that my placement upon a particular jobassignment may be contingent upon an examination or test related to my performance of the essential functions of thatjob.
I understand that all individuals hired must produce certain documentation to verify their identity and UnitedStates citizen status or, if aliens, their legal authorization to work in the United States. I understand that an offer ofemployment is contingent upon my producing the required documentation within the legal time period.
I understand that this application is not, and is not intended to be, a contract of employment and that anyresulting employment is not for a fixed period of time and is terminable at any time and for any reason by me or byWeaver. I further understand that statements that may be contained in policies, practices, handbooks or other material donot create a guarantee of employment and that Weaver has the right to modify, amend, or terminate policies, practices,benefits plans, or other programs within the limits and requirements imposed by law. I understand that no Weaverrepresentative, other than the CEO, has the authority to enter into any agreement for any specific period of time or tomake any different agreement and that such agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties (or theirrepresentatives) to be binding.
If employed, I will sign an agreement relating to confidentiality and non-competition if required.
I confirm that I am not bound by any employment contract or non-competition agreement that would bebreached by any employment that Weaver offered to me, nor am I in possession of nor will I at any time reveal to Weaver,under any circumstances, any proprietary or confidential information that is subject of any contract, non-disclosureagreement or prior work relationship.

Criminal History Addendum (Step 5 of 5) A conviction, plea, or pending charges will not necessarily disqualify you from consideration of employment. The effect of a conviction, plea, or pending charges will be assessed with respect to time, circumstances, seriousness of the offense, and job responsibilities and duties. However, your failure to disclose a conviction, plea, or pending charge (except convictions, pleas, or pending charges protected from disclosure by state or local law) will disqualify you from consideration for employment or will result in termination of employment if subsequently discovered.

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