Diversify your operation and come join us as a grower

As one of the world's leading popcorn companies, Pop Weaver has been working with farmers in the Forest City, Illinois, area for over two decades. We are currently expanding our acres in the area and contracting irrigated and dry land acres now for the 2012 season. If you are interested in becoming a grower with us please email us at growers@popweaver.com.


     Flexible, NO RISK Pricing
  • Price based on the CBT December 2012 Futures
  • Ability to price 100% of crop prior to delivery in 25% increments

      No Up Front Cash
  • Seed cost deducted from first payment
  • Seed cost approximately $35.00/acre for poncho treated seed

      Easy Delivery
  • Delivery to Forest City location, otherwise we pay farm storage 
  • Freight allowance paid